Jorge Luis Valverde-Bartlett
Ecuadorian Scenes

From the technical point of view, they reflect the intervention and reinvention of the traditional rhythms and popular musical forms through the formality of the academic musical language.
Ecuadorian Scenes are works in Ecuadorian style with a high degree of belonging, a nationalist symbolism and a mature aesthetic sense.
Ecuadorian Academic Pasillos
Pequeñito Pasillo No.3 for Piano in E minor
Recuerdos Pasillo No.2 for Piano in C minor
El Principio Pasillo No.1 (piano reduction) in G minor
Ecuadorian Dances
Preludio -a la ecuatoriana-
Lluvia en Quito
San Juanito Pesante
Symphonic Pasillos
Mis Padres Symphonic Pasillo No.3
Te he perdido Symphonic Pasillo No.2
Symphonic Pasillo No.1
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