Jorge Luis Valverde-Bartlett
Jorge Luis Valverde-Bartlett


"A broad theoretical base promotes, in addition to a good technical lexicon, the best platform to make decisions."

Jorge is an Ecuadorian and has been interested in music from the age of six. He received a Bachelor of Arts in music at the age of seventeen from the Jaime Mola Music Conservatory. He then started studying design at Universidad Católica in Quito before continuing his studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jorge received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in graphic design from the Universidad de Palermo.

In the music field Jorge’s Ecuadorian pasillo compositions really stand out, he shares some of his music with composition sites and specialized blogs. Jorge has played more than fifteen music pieces in public events and has participated in both Sacred music and Ecuadorian music festivals with well-known artists. He has also performed music by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Morton, Longhair, Roberts, among others, in various styles ranging from the Renaissance to Jazz.

In the design field, Jorge is a Business Image specialist. He has worked for clients like Pepsi Co., Clarín, Green Peace, ESPN Latin America, American Express, Orange Spain, among others while working at IMD® and CI® design studios in Buenos Aires.

He obtained Cum Laude recognition when he graduated with his Master of Arts in design from the University of Palermo. This recognition came from his work on his thesis From Entrepreneurship to Micro-Businesses through Design, which has been published by the Spanish Academic Publishing Co. for the European Community.

He started his own company, Kreathink® Comunicación Activa in Quito. Kreathink® has developed several projects for clients like Casa Brasil®, Only® by Exofrut®, Fundación Terranueva, IMDQ, Coperor Capital®, InterRe®, Tranquility Health®, Berkeley® Music School, TexCaz®, Sterling Treaty Re®, among others.

Jorge does conference lecture and directs workshops. He has participated as guest lecturer in national and international conferences, along with design fairs like: Cromía, Innova (P. U. Católica de Ambato), MetroDesignWeek (Instituto Metropolitano de Diseño), UPCycling (Universidad Técnica de Ambato), SID8 (Universidad del Azuay), Mentoría Creativa (BuenTrip), Congreso Internacional de Investigación en Diseño (Universidad de Palermo), and Diseño en Palermo (Idem).

Jorge has been a trainer and mentor with international missions on topics that address innovative entrepreneurship with design, design thinking, technology transfer, and business image management in United States, Kenya, and Argentina. Currently, he is the director of the editorial and research department at the Instituto Metropolitano de Diseño, where he is also a teacher in graphic design.

"Creativity is my technology."

Some of Jorge’s professional recognitions are the Brandbook de la Sociedad Central de Arquitectos (Argentina), Mención Oficial a Identidad La Metro: Marca del Instituto Metropolitano de Diseño por la Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño (Spain), and the CSS Awards August 2016 to the Kreathink® Website.

He has received these awards in music: Gold Medal for La Casa Embrujada -historia de una noche de terror- at PixelArts Composition Contest, Gold Medal and publication of sheet music at Showcase Music Contest for Concierto para Piano y orquesta No.3, Silver Medal at PixelArt Composition Contest for Pasillo Ecuatoriano No.3 (versión sinfónica), among others.

Photo credit: Pablo Cervantes